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Kevin Amidon pursues a cross-disciplinary and collaborative program of scholarship and research. Trained originally in German cultural and critical theory, he has developed his work through historical and sociological methods to explore literature, music, the history of the life sciences and medicine, and economic thought. In addition to his role as Director of the Honors College at Fort Hays State University, he serves as Professor of Modern Languages and Instructor of Philosophy.

He maintains an extensive repository of open-access publications, and Google Scholar tracks the breadth and significance of his work.



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In recognition of Kevin’s longstanding service to scholarship and the profession as well as his broad interdisciplinary vision and administrative skills, the officers and Executive Director of the German Studies Association have appointed him to a two-year term as Program Director. He will work with a distinguished Program Committee to build the cross-disciplinary programs for the GSA’s 2022 conference in Houston, Texas and 2023 conference in Montréal, Quebec. He will provide guidance and support for the Program Committee’s selection of several hundred panels, papers, roundtables, and seminars for presentation at the conference.

Kevin’s interdisciplinary and collaborative scholarship is found in many important scholarly journals

The German Quarterly

“The flaneur in the Borsig locomotive works: Walter Benjamin, the Berlin Radio Youth Hour, and sound as pedagogy.” The German Quarterly 96.1 (Winter 2023): 56-73.

Feminist German Studies

“Today, Tomorrow, And In-Between: Straub/Huillet, the Schoenbergs, and the Gendered Micropolitics of Operatic Performance in Von heute auf Morgen.” Feminist German Studies 37.1 (Spring/Summer 2021): 86-110.

Critical Sociology

With Daniel Krier. “Critical Theory and the Limits of Academic Economics: Resolving the Political in Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Critical Sociology 41:2 (March 2015): 349-58.


With Zachary Gray Sanderson. “On Subjectivity and the Risk Pool; or, Žižek’s Lacuna.” Telos 160 (Fall 2012): 121-38.

With Mark P. Worrell. “A. R. L. Gurland, the Frankfurt School, and the Critical Theory of Antisemitism.” Telos 144 (Fall 2008): 129-47.

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

With Peter Langguth, Hans Lennernäs, Lawrence Yu, and Gordon L. Amidon. “Bioequivalence of Oral Products and the Biopharmaceutics Classification System: Science, Regulation, and Public Policy.” Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 90.3 (September 2011): 467-70.

Biological Theory

“Adolf Meyer-Abich, Holism, and the Negotiation of Theoretical Biology.” Biological Theory 3.4 (Fall 2008 [published summer 2009]): 357-70.

Men and Masculinities

With Daniel Krier. “On Rereading Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies.” Men and Masculinities 11.4 (June 2009): 488-96.


“Sex on the Brain: The Rise and Fall of German Sexual Science.” Endeavour 32.2 (June 2008): 64-69.

New German Critique

“‘Diesmal fehlt die Biologie!’ Max Horkheimer, Richard Thurnwald, and the Biological Prehistory of German Sozialforschung.” New German Critique 104 (Vol. 35 No. 2, Summer 2008): 103-37.

Agricultural History

“The Visible Hand and the New American Biology: Toward an Integrated Historiography of Railroad-Supported Agricultural Research.” Agricultural History 82.3 (Summer 2008): 309-36.

Journal of the History of Ideas

“Carrie Chapman Catt and the Evolutionary Politics of Sex and Race, 1885-1940.” Journal of the History of Ideas 68.2 (April 2007): 305-28.

Brecht Yearbook

“‘Oh show us….’: Opera and/as Spectatorship in Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny.” Brecht Yearbook 29 (2004): 223-36.

Journal of the Kafka Society of America

“‘Eng beisammen’: Travel and Human Relationships in Kafka’s Der Verschollene.” Journal of the Kafka Society of America 25 (June/December 2001 [published fall 2004]): 4-15.

Kevin’s scholarship also is featured in many

recent edited scholarly volumes

“Beyond Piketty’s Economism: History, Culture, and the Critique of Inequality” (2018)

Per Scientiam ad Justitiam: Magnus Hirschfeld’s Episteme of Biological Publicity” (2017)

“The Constellation of Social Ontology: Walter Benjamin, Eduard Fuchs, and the Body of History” (2017)

“The Body Ontology of Capitalism” (2017)

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Telos (“A.R.L. Gurland….”)

New German Critique (“Diesmal fehlt…”)

Agricultural History (“The Visible Hand….”)

Journal of the History of Ideas (“Carrie Chapman Catt….”)

Brecht Yearbook (“Oh Show Us…”):

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